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Trying to Find the Right Chicken Coop?

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Cool Chicken Coops

If your interested in raising chickens but don't want your traditional chicken coop then you have come to the right place.  Below are our coolest chicken coops, this list has been hand picked by our chicken coop experts. Not only do these chicken coops look great but they are packed with features that will make raising chickens a breeze.


Great Lakes Chicken Coop $399.99

One of our coolest chicken coops, the Great Lakes Chicken Coop embodies a very modern design.  Its sleek two story build remind you more of a house than a chicken coop. A 4 pane window and two doors not only add to the look of this cool chicken coop but make raising up to 4 chickens a breeze.

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Alamo Chicken Coop $499.99

Still looking for a cool chicken coop? Then the Alamo Chicken Coop would be a great choice.  Its crafted wood design and finish give a look that is appealing in any backyard.  Designed with you and your chickens in mind, it holds up to 6 hens and will bring you fresh eggs in no time. 

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Butter Cup Combo Coop $1299.99

This combo coop is one of our coolest. Built with an attached run and wheels it is the complete package for raising chickens. Its classic design will fit any home and certainly look great. It comfortably holds up to 6 chickens so you never have to worry about a fresh breakfast.

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EZ Breeze Chicken Coop $569.99

The name says it all with this cool chicken coop. If your looking for an easy and fun way to raise your chickens then this is the coop for you. Its two story design keep your birds protected from predators but still lets them outside.  This great coop holds up to 10 chickens!

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